Thursday, October 6, 2022
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What is Your Very best Kitchen Hack?


You recognize when the ketchup simply is not going to pop out of the bottle? And via bottle, I imply the old-fashioned glass Heinz type, the place you’ll be able to see the ketchup proper there on the opening, however it’ll now not budge? Smartly, in the event you give the bottle’s neck a decisive chop with the facet of your hand, the outcome can be a veritable Niagara Falls. I discovered this from my husband, Andy, after we have been first courting and it could be the explanation we were given married.

From my years-ago coworker Kelly, I discovered that you’ll be able to pick out up a wayward egg shell shard via scooping it out with a bigger piece of shell, and even if I’m sure Kelly has lengthy forgotten me, I bring to mind her each unmarried time I’m making my breakfast scramble. Simply this week, some Instagrammer really helpful bringing chilly butter to room temperature via dome-ing it with a heat glass for a couple of mins, and now I will’t wait to search out myself faced via the typically irritating component difference “unsalted butter, at room temperature.”

So, I ask: What’s your absolute best kitchen hack, tip, blow-our-minds trick?

P.S. A lazy egg sandwich, and a potato salad trick.

(Picture via B&J/Stocksy.)

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